HTTP vs HTTPS. What is the difference?

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Http vs. Https

Before knowing the difference between Http vs https, we need to know where they used or what they are? As we know when we enter a website address on the browser, by default it begins with hidden text Http:// or https://. For example, if you open this link In the opened link https is hidden, like in the given picture:

Digi Alpha http vs https

What is HTTP?

HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used in networking especially in client-server communication over the Internet and Intranet. This is used to transfer data from a web server to a browser in order to allow users to view web pages. It offers a set of instructions that govern how any information can be transmitted on the World Wide Web(www).

What is HTTPS? 

HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS means ‘Secure’, which means all communications between our browser and the website are encrypted or secured. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP.

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HTTPS is mainly used to protect highly confidential transaction information like in online banking sites, online shopping sites, and social media sites. But nowadays almost every website use https. 

Limitations of HTTP:

  1. There is no privacy as anyone can see our content even hackers also.
  2. Data integrity is a big issue as someone can alter the content. That’s why HTTP protocol is an insecure method as no encryption methods are used.
  3. Not clear who you are talking about. Anyone who intercepts the request can get the username, password, and other transactional details.

Benefits of HTTPS:

  1. In most cases, sites running over HTTPS will have a redirect in place. Therefore, even if you type in HTTP:// it will redirect to an https over a secured connection.
  2. It allows users to perform secure e-commerce transactions. The information of customers, like their account numbers, a credit card detail is encrypted and cannot be intercepted.
  3. Visitors can verify you as a registered entity and own domain.
  4. SSL technology protects any users and builds trust.
  5. An independent authority verifies the identity of the certificate owner. So each SSL Certificate contains unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner.

Other Differences (HTTP vs HTTPS):

difference between http vs https

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HTTP vs HTTPS. What is the difference?

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